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"I can't believe what my son has learned in the kinder program!"

Nita Hammontree

I love this school! My son attended here for 3 years and I feel very confident he is completely prepared for 1st grade. The owners are such wonderful people as well as all the teachers. I can't believe what my son has learned in the kinder program! It's truly AMAZING. This is one of the best schools in South Orange County! We will miss Marina View

Marina View Teachers

"The teachers on staff are not only great educators; they are also very attentive, nurturing, dedicated and very patient."

Atta Mill

My daughter has been attending Marina View Preschool since she was 2, she just turned 5. The teachers on staff are not only great educators; they are also very attentive, nurturing, dedicated and very patient. My daughter has learned a lot through fun song and game activities. I believe their teachers have properly prepared my daughter for elementary school, not only by teaching her the basics such as numbers, letters, and reading skills. Socially they have taught her how to sit quietly during a lesson, to follow directions, and to act and react with other children. They serve nutritious snacks to the children, and have a for purchase lunch program. Great School, Keep up the Good Work!

Overall School

"Great school to kick off my book tour!"

Karisa Lowe, Children's Author

I'm a local children's author and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Marina View Preschool as part of my Orange County book tour. The "little city" room I did my readings in was so cute and clean! The kids were such a pleasure to read to! Everyone was so well-behaved and the teachers were so friendly. It was a great school to kick off my book tour. I would love to visit again!

Marina View Teachers / School Program

"Great school all around!"

My oldest child started at Marina View when he was 22 months and he right away loved it. The teachers are very nice and the rooms are immaculate clean. My daughter goes there now at 2 yrs old and she too loves it. They have great activities and always very professional. They are adding some additional programs that seem wonderful so we are excited to see those. They offer gymnastics which our son loves as well. Great school all around!

Marina View Teachers

"The teachers at this school are 'top notch' educators..."

Submitted by a parent

I have 3 children currently attending Marina View and I could not be happier with the care and education they are providing my children. The teachers at this school are 'top notch' educators but most importantly they are conscientious, loving and caring individuals. We will be sad when our kids leave but will always be thankful and forever recognize the outstanding teachers for their excellence and commitment to our children.

Marina View Teachers

"This school is the best kept secret in Laguna Niguel."

Millie Brown

This school is the best kept secret in Laguna Niguel. My older son and his two older cousins attended Marina View, and now my youngest son is attending Preschool there. The teachers are compassionate, genuine, loving, and I consider them family. I wouldn't trust my children with any other school in the area. The staff at Marina View go the "extra mile" in caring for their children as if they were their own. I highly recommend Marina View!!!

Overall School

"Amazing school!"

Nancy Luckow

Amazing school! My husband and I checked out multiple schools for our son, but Marina View stood alone in their care and personal interest for your child. The director is so hands-on in getting to know you your each child on an personable level. The teachers have gone above and beyond in communicating with me about my child and caring for him. They are very patient and I couldn't trust anybody more with my child.

Our School Program

"Love the academic program..."

Louisa Tinnin

Marina view Pre school is a great school. My daughter has been in this school since she was 12 months old. We love the academic programs that they have. My daughter is enjoying going there.

Overall School

"...we would recommend this school to anyone..."

Kathrine Hieb

They are like family to us, and we would recommend this school to anyone who has children from 1 year to 6 years of age. Their personal touch and loves creates the most ideal environment for overall development and success.

Overall School

"We love your school..."

Love, Stephanie, Oscar and Aden

Thank you for all that you do for Ayden. We love your school and all the teachers. Ayden loves everyone so much.

Our School Programs

"...we are grateful to be part of the Marina View legacy."

Denise and Kevin

The time has come for our family to say good-bye to Marina View. We would like to say thank you for caring for, nurturing, and teaching our children. Each one of you has been a positive and loving influence during their most formative years. Our children have learned about themselves, established friendships, experienced the world around them, and their kindergarten education is beyond compare. There aren't adequate words of gratitude for all you have done. Please know that your efforts never went unnoticed or unappreciated. In short, it has been four fabulous years and we are grateful to be part of the Marina View legacy.

Overall School

"We cannot thank you enough"

All our love, Kristi and Mike

We cannot thank you enough for providing a safe and fun learning environment for Brooklyn. She has learned so much and grown so much. It is people like the both of you that make this world a better place for our children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Overall School

"...thank you for providing a creative, safe environment..."

Natalie and James

I would like to thank you for providing a creative, safe environment for our son. He has truly enjoyed his time at your school and has loved his teachers and all his friends! Marina View has been an excellent school and as parents we are just thrilled to see our little boy be nurtured, cared for and loved by not only his teachers, but also all the teachers at the school! Marina View is a unique loving environment that creates happy, healthy children! We are grateful to you as owners for being so hands on, and thank you for your on-going support of our entire family this past year. Your flexibility has helped us out on many occasions and we are very grateful.We wish you personally and the school every success in the future.

Our School Program

"It has been a wonderful experience"

Sincerely Maryse, Mike and Leah

Today is Leah's last day at Marina View Preschool after 4 years in Preschool and Kindergarten, and we are very say to say goodbye. It has been a wonderful experience for Leah and our family, and we want to thank you for providing our daughter with a loving and caring environment. She thrived at your school both emotionally and academically thanks to your wonderful teachers. Every day when I dropped off Leah at school, I felt I was leaving her with family. The teachers are so warm and so loving to all the children regardless whether they are in their class or not. We are particularly grateful for Miss Irene in Kindergarten for giving Leah such a strong academic foundation. We are so thrilled that Leah can read so well, take spelling tests, recognize synonyms, and homonyms, and homophones, and can even recognize music by Bach! We'll come visit, but we will miss all the teachers, and the daily greetings.

Overall School

"I feel privileged to have my two children at Marina View Preschool."

Erika K.

…… As a mother of two children who are both enrolled at MVP, I have experienced a very loving, safe, friendly and welcoming teaching staff and a responsive management.

Dropping my infant daughter off on her first day was both a sad and scary moment for my husband and I. However, that moment faded very quickly as she was taken in with open arms every morning, and reassured that she was being loved every moment that we were apart. As a result, I now have a 3-year-old daughter who has a passion to learn and is constantly showing me how smart she is.

Having started my infant son a few years later, I was able to do so with full confidence and peace of mind. I knew that he would be safe, have fun with his classmates, and most importantly, that he would receive the same love that my daughter was given. In fact, he loved and quickly became a part of the “family” at Marina View Preschool

Throughout the years that my children have been at MVP, I observed that the classrooms are kept clean throughout the day and the children’s work is neatly displayed on their classroom walls. The children work at their own pace and are never pushed beyond their capabilities. Additionally, the school management will monitor your child’s status and provide you with frequent updates, if requested, to ensure your peace of mind. Open communication with the staff has kept me very happy and I feel privileged to have my two children at Marina View Preschool.

Our School Program

"The academic program at MVP is above and beyond anything I might have expected."

Shelly T.

…… We have had our daughter at Marina View Preschool since she was 18 months old. We love all of the teachers that she has had, and have found them all to be very professional, caring, and proficient. The academic program at MVP is above and beyond anything I might have expected. My daughter has learned so much over the past two years, that we decided to enroll her in their all day Kindergarten Program last September 2008. She has continued to progress and was reading mid-way through the school year.

The school itself is kept very clean and organized, and the management are always very helpful. We will certainly miss MVP next year when our daughter moves on to the First grade.